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Specifications for Publications

by Susan Avery

Our magazines offer advertising opportunities for any budget. Below you will find the different advertisement sizes that we offer.

Please read before designing ad:

  1. Please DO NOT include crop marks on submitted files. Only use the dimensions provided with the bleed if you want color to the edge.
  2. Please convert all images and colors to CMYK.
  3. Please make sure that any images are 300 DPI. Any images below the recommended 300 DPI may be pixelated.
  4. Please be aware that we may not have some of the fonts that you use in an ad. Please package the file and upload folder to the FTP, or convert the text to a paths to prevent any changing when opening on our end.
  5. If you submit an ad with a bleed that isn’t .125” – IT WILL BE SENT BACK TO CORRECT.
  6. Any Ad submitted with CROP MARKS – WILL BE SENT BACK TO CORRECT.
  7. We have a template that we drop these ads into, so crop marks are not necessary. If you design the ad to the size provided below, along with the safety precautions, your ad will fit perfectly.
  8. If you have any question, please email our lead designer: susan@hometown-living.com
  9. Quarter Page, Half Page, & Full Page w/ White Border DO NOT require a bleed. Please design these ads with dimensions below.
  10. NAMING YOUR FILES: We have hundreds of ads that we deal with. When naming your files for your clients, please use the following format: CompanyName_MarketInitials_DesignerInitials_SizeOfAd.pdf OR jpg.
    Sample: TomsBlinds_WFL_JM_HP
  11. When designing a 2 page spread – please send this as a whole spread. No separate pages. Jpeg OR pdf
  12. When sending proofs to Kati, please add “_PROOF” to the end of the file name. Once your ad has been approved, please send the FINAL ad to Kati, then upload the layered file to the FTP (InDesign users, please package your files)
  13. All of the dimensions below that require a bleed are set to .125”. No more, No Less.
  14. Do NOT use the Registration Black… Please use black that is 100% K. (InDesign)


A downloadable version of these instructions can be found here.

Two-Page Spread


  • 17 x 11.125 Document Size
  • 16.75 x 10.875 Trim Lines
  • 16.25 x 10.375 Safe zone for photos & text (no text outside this size)
  • To prevent error, please keep text .5” to .75” away from the gutter.
  • When saving a two page spread, please save the file as one image, or if saving two files, use the recommended file names, just ad “_left” & “_right” to the end of the file name.

One-Page Spread


  • 8.625 x 11.125 Document Size
  • 8.375 x 10.875 Trim Lines
  • 7.875 x 10.375 Safe zone for photos & text (no text outside this size)

One-Page Spread with White Border

Full Page with White Border: (NO CROP MARKS, NO BLEED)

  • 7.625 x 10.125 Document Size

Half-Page Spread


  • 7.625 x 5 Document Size

Quarter-Page Spread


  • 3.75 x 5 Document Size