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by Susan Avery


Geofencing allows us to target a user based on their location data being collected through their mobile devices. With our advanced technology we are able to draw precise location fences around your competitors or places of interest where your audience is likely to be. We can also tell you which of those mobile devices are served your ad, and then visited your physical location, with our conversion data technology.


Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google, but what happens if you aren’t the one who wins the users click? With Keyword Search retargeting our technology will serve users ads based on their search history, with recent as quick as 5 minutes after a search happens. Get your message in front of users in your area who are looking for products or services like yours. 


Reach consumers streaming content on both the big screen in the living room and their small screens with household-level precision, unmatched audience targeting, and advanced attribution for online or offline conversions. OTT/CTV solution utilizes GPS data to serve ads to individual households based on first-party address lists, custom curated addressable audiences, or behavioral data. 


Pluto | Newsy | Discovery | History | HGTV | TLC | A&E | Fox News | CBSi | Univision | Cheddar TV | Buzzfeed | Popcornflix | USA Network | Fox News | CNN Go | Xumo | LifeTime | Travel Channel | NBC Today | DailyMotion


Don’t lose the users you worked so hard to reach. In business today, the number one hurdle is not being forgotten among the nosey lives we lead. With Site Retargeting we help you stay in front of users who have visited your website, thus keeping your business top of mind for your highly interested audience. 

Keyword Contextual Marketing

By focusing on the keywords within what the user is reading, we serve your message around content that aligns with your services or your desired audience’s interests. Keyword Contextual Marketing reaches consumers who are engaging with pertinent content across connected devices. 


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and is often referred to as PPC or Pay Per Click, and is most commonly done with Google Ads. With access to all search engines we can help plan a successful strategy for your direct marketing campaign through SEM.


Search Engine Optimization is what helps your website rank high with SERPS like Google and Bing. Seo done well is meant to increase the quality and quantity of your web traffic from searches done on search engines.  


Our client services team can design and manage your campaign for you from start to finish. Every member has extensive experience and expertise in their field. With our hands on approach, it’s like having your own team of experts in your office, working toward one common goal, your success


With Digital Direct Mail we are able to send select households your message directly to all of their connected devices. Digital Direct Mail is also referred to as Addressable Geofencing and can be used both as a stand-alone tactic and to improve the results of addressable OTV campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and other marketing efforts that target specific households. Advertisers can target up to 1 million street addresses, which we then converted into geo-fences that conform to the plat lines of each address. Devices seen within those plat lines are targeted with mobile, video, and/or OTT/CTV ads. 


Instead of relying on pre-packaged, brokered and arbitrage audience segments, our platform enables marketers to create custom audiences based on individual data elements such as:

  • Device: Target users by device such as desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Operating System: Target by operating system such as iOS, Android, or Windows
  • Browser Type: Select browsers by type such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox, down to the browser version
  • Geography: Target by geography as tight as a five mile radius, by DMA, state, or country
  • Recency: Target by variable recency from instant to 30 days
  • Intent-Based Search Data: Build targeted keyword lists just like performance search marketing
  • Contextual Content: Target users based on the category of contextual content on the page they are viewing or specific keywords in context
  • Browsing Behavior: Target users based on past browsing behaviors such as domains visited



Engage new customers by showing them video ads across premium publishers. Video is an excellent medium for reaching users via desktops and mobile devices.  Layer on targeting tactics to reach the right user at the right time. With a large enough geo, we can target users with site, search, keyword, contextual, and category targeting.*


Google Maps has become the top ranking spot on the coveted first page of google. Businesses who rank highly in the local searches with Google maps are not only more likely to be trusted but are highly more likely to get a conversion within minutes of the search happening.When surveyed 77% of respondents ranked Google Maps ahead of every other site when searching for a local product or service. Getting higher in maps ranking isn’t as hard or time consuming as SEO and can help boosts a businesses traffic quickly. Our team of experts know how to improve your ranking on Google Maps quickly and affordably.