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Duncan Lifestyles – Winter 2021

by Susan Avery

Duncan Magazine Cover - Winter 2021

I don’t think anyone woke up on January 1st upset that 2020 is now in the past.

What I love about the new year is a clean slate- like fresh fallen snow – white and unblemished, beautiful, and spotless. This is our chance to make plans on how we can make this year better than the one before! Hopefully those goals and ambitions are still underway only a few months into 2021.

With positive changes in mind we have rolled out a new design for our cover. We hope you like our new look! Please know how thankful we are for you our readers & our advertisers. Our ongoing goal is to showcase Hometown Living at Its Best by showcasing the many people, places, and things happening around town while simultaneously supporting the local businesses that make Duncan thrive. Show them your support by shopping local and have it crafted here whenever possible, skipping the made in china masses.

This edition contains articles on the selfless residents of the Duncan area, like the Kiwanis organization, read more about what they are doing in ‘Give back, Make a Difference.’ Also read the stories of three families who are celebrating new members to their home in
‘Adoption was Our Miracle.’

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