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Abilene Living – Fall 2017

by Susan Avery

Abilene Living Cover - Fall 2017

This issue is chock-full of great people in our community using their gifts for good in a variety of ways. We are each given different talents, but what good are they if we keep them to ourselves? Let your light shine by using those talents as you are called to do! For Jackson Cadle (9), it is has been putting his entrepreneurial dreams into motion – no matter his age. Throughout Bob Hunter’s life, using his talents has taken many forms. What are your gifts? How can you put them to use today? A small act can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Joey Light was the high school principal and basketball coach while my sister, Ann, and brother, John, were in high school at Hawley ISD. Now, over 20 years later, his positive impact has made a difference as my sister is entering her 22nd year as an educator (now teaching at Stamford). She suggested this article and continues to praise
“Coach Light” for who he is as a person.

I am so excited about this fall’s special section showcasing area thrift stores. I LOVE flea markets, antiquing, digging through barns, and repurposing my “treasures”. In each town I always want to know where the thrift stores are, so we have made a list of non-profit thrift shops and hope we haven’t left any out. Take a look at Get Thrifty and go donate and dig today! PS: Below is a picture of my favorite person – my grandmother, Dorothy Lundgren.

She is the most humble, fun and hardworking person I know (she shies away from all attention including cameras, so I was thrilled to get this shot of her at 92 years young). She and her lifelong friend, Fern Ballard, were two of the original members when the Stamford Auxiliary was formed in 1977. For 40 years she has volunteered her time one day a week. Every Monday for as long as I can remember she and Fern have worked at the Pink Lady Thrift Store. This inspires me. May we each strive to live lives of service to others; sharing our gifts – be it a talent, an ear, or our time with others.

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