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Abilene Living – Fall 2016

by Susan Avery

Abilene Living Cover - Fall 2016

So school is back in session which means summer is over, whether it feels like it or not! We wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to our sweet parents (AKA grandparents to these three sweeties) who babysit throughout the year, but went overtime for us throughout the summer months.

We love you, Charles & Linda Perkins (of Abilene) and David and Diane Lundgren (of Hawley). Jorie (3), Gatlyn (5), & Georgia Lee (1) always have the best time with their grandparents! People say you love your children, but that there is a special love you have for a grandchild. As a new generation takes shape it’s always surprising to look back at how time flies.

What are you spending your time doing? Is it full of distractions that don’t matter and activities that won’t last? We discovered many Abilenians putting their God given talents to good use; Twyla Foreman, Kim Hudson, and the Martins to name a few. Also check out a group of ladies who have spent a lifetime in friendship – through the ups and downs life has brought in “Sisters in Spirit.” It’s inspired me to want to be a better friend and cherish the sweet relationships I’ve had for years. Hope it does the same for you!

We love Abilene and are grateful to our readers for supporting Abilene Living – the FIRST to bring a coffee table quality magazine to the Big Country. Thanks to our advertisers this publication is still free to you. Pick up your copy at any advertiser location and please tell them you saw their ad in this publication. Check out the Index of Advertisers (in the back) and remember to Shop Local!

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